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Peter Fogel’s Client Testimonials!

Below are  Client Testimonial Letters about Peter’s Speaking and Seminars

Hail & Cotton

Home Gardens

Genetic Technologists of America

Florida International University

Kaplan University

Financial Planners of America


American Writers and Artists

Copier Reps of America

MS Society of America

Tip Tech Software

Financial Planners of America


Nova University

Rosen Hotel

Promise Healthcare

Water and Sewer Distributors of America

Sylvan Learning Institute

Alan Jaye Automotive

Seabreeze Theatre

Seven Angels Theatre

Sunny South Theatre

Citrus Hill Country


Now Read What Other Industry People Are Saying…

…Presentation Was Outstanding!”

“I would just like to say Peter’s presentation was simply outstanding… Peter has an extraordinary way of quickly engaging an audience… and drawing them into the world of entertainment and communication— of which he is a master… Peter’s presence amongst an audience is electric, immediately drawing them with his classic NY humor… and having gained their trust educating them in the most extraordinary way about advertising communications. If you want to take your communications to the next level than I highly recommend that you meet with Peter J. Fogel.” ~Seymour Segnit, President Change That’s Right Now, Inc

…Platform Skills and Stage Presence are Top-Shelf!”

“Peter Fogel’s speaking, platform skills and stage presence are top shelf. He’s that rare combination of knowledge, resources and entertainment. You do not want to miss out. If you can remember a time when you laughed so hard but came away smarter and you want that feeling again…then hire Peter now. He’s just that ood.”                                                                                                                                               ~Dave Frees, author

“…WOWed us All!

“Peter Fogel did a seminar for some of my top clients and students and he WOWed us all! The presentation was fun, upbeat, interesting and his delivery style helped us learn in an educational and entertaining way. This man is THE expert on copywriting in my book and his seminar was tops.” ~Terri Levine, CEO, The Coaching Institute

“…NOT Your Ordinary Speaker!”

‘There’s nothing better than laughing and having a good time when you are learning something. Peter Fogel does just that: he nails the points he makes home with ingenious wit and good-natured humor. His copy writing skills are second to none and his ability to teach those skills are extraordinary. By applying his techniques, I made thousands because my ads converted more people into buyers once I made the changes that I learned from Mr. Fogel. Peter Fogel is not your ordinary speaker–and that’s a good thing! I actually learned things from him that I immediately put to use! And that what it’s all about.”                                                                                                                        ~Anthony R. Michalski Publisher


“…Presentation That Was Refreshing, Intelligent and Humorous!”

“Peter Fogel delivered strong content in his presentation that was definitely refreshing, intelligent, and humorous. It was a strong combination. I definitely learned a lot.”                                          ~Starley Murray Celebrity Image Consultant “Image is more than what you wear, it is how you represent yourself in life

“…Humor Has Us All in Stitches!

“I attended a seminar at which Peter Fogel was one of several speakers. His humor had us all in stitches and was only one of many traits that made his presentation unique! It was truly wondrous to be given so much useful information in such a gleeful manner! Made the learning fun, easy and effortless! Best of all, I know all of us now have specific steps to take to use Peter’s knowledge for truly magnificent results! Thank you Peter – for your information, your laughter and your practicality!”                                                                                                                                                                                ~Barb Legan, The Life Mentor, Tucson, AZ


“…Brings Fresh Light- Hearted Insight and High Value Impact to Any Audience of Reader!”

“Peter is a gift to experience. His unique combination of talents as speaker, writer, humorist, and copywriter brings fresh light-hearted insight and high value impact to any audience or reader. I’ve worked with a lot of marketing and copywriting talent over several decades and my first choice is Peter. I have booked him for speaking at all our client events, and I outsource all our firm’s copywriting to Peter. He’s the best at what he does.”                                                                                                 ~ Meagan Skaff CEO, OnCall Results

“…Demystified the Science of Copy Writing!

“Peter, just wanted to thank you for the talk you gave at the seminar. As a documentary film maker I am new to marketing. Not only did you engage and interact well with your audience– but you demystified the science of copy writing and gave me some very useful marketing ideas to use on my Website. Again, thanks for your time!”                                                                                                                       ~Gayle Kirschenbaum

“Energy You Brought to the Event!”

“Peter, I really enjoyed your presentation, the knowledge you gave us about copywriting and explaining to us what “makes a prospect act.” I especially appreciate the energy you brought to the event. It wouldn’t have been the same without you there. Thanks for speaking to us!”                ~Antonio Thornton “Mr. Money Mouth” CEO

“…Helps Develop Prose That Address The Mindset!”

“Peter’s USP is his tremendous ability to put himself in the shoes of the prospect and develop prose that addresses that mindset. Anyone can write copy, but you need someone who can empathize with the potential customer and think from their side to optimize results.”                                                      ~Bob Norton

“…Everyone Found Your Material Entertaining!”

“Peter thanks you for speaking to us about humor in the workplace at our meeting on Oct 27th. Everyone found your material entertaining, but more importantly, we learned something from the message that you delivered. The ability to find humor in our workplace and daily lives is a skill that we could all apply to great benefits. I will try to find an appropriate and mutually convenient time for you to meet with one or more classes next semester… I think this could be a valuable lesson for students!”                                                                                                                                                                                      ~Michael W. Preis, Pres. RT Port Washington