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As a Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer, Humorist and Employee ReEngagement Expert, I’m here to help your staff reach its potential by motivating them to tap into their skills so they can release their “Inner Entrepreneur”  and become the CEO of YOU Inc!   This empowers your employees to take a personal stake in their own career fulfillment — as well as gives you a strong ROI of the resources you have put into them.

 I cement my message with humor and will deliver actionable content that can get results FAST.  As the creator of the “Black Belt Entrepreneurial Mind Set” — I’ve created a system that will INCREASE your staff’s focus… confidence… and open their minds to getting out of their comfort zone — so they can bring value to themselves and to their jobs!  

In a nutshell, I empower them to become the CEO of YOU Inc! so they are accountable for their future at your company! This is all accomplished with personal growth and proven business building techniques that work.

Let me ReJuvenate… ReEnergize … & ReEngage Your Front Line Troops — so YOUR Company  Gets the Best ROI on Its Time and Money! 

Whether it is marketing, humor for work/life balance, team building through improvisation,  helping your sales team use humor techniques to create empathy with their prospects so they close more sales fast… I can create a customized presentation that deliver a solution to your company’s needs.
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Just read what past clients have said…

“THANK YOU for kicking off our conference with so much laughter and insight with your keynote speech, “How to Overcome Adversity in the Workplace With Humor! I received nothing but kudos on your presentation!”
Marianne Hausman, BS, CLSp(CG)
Association of Genetic Technologists
Annual Meeting Director AGT

“It’s no easy task making a room full of men LAUGH and appreciate the importance of adding humor to their daily lives…. especially at 9:10 am! But you did! Not only that, but I got some very good feedback from members on your commitment to giving us reinvention ideas and marketing solutions that plague the copier rep industry.”
Josh Hanson,
Executive Director Business Products Council Association

“Thank you for delivering a wonderful keynote to our Wellington Chamber of Commerce. Your motivational and reinvention techniques inspired us all and I know they can help our member in their professional and personal lives… going forward.”
Blanca Greenstein, Wellington Chamber of Commerce

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Peter is a proud member of the National Speakers Association, The Florida Speakers Association, Florida Direct Marketing Association, and The Writers Guild of America.

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